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Turn-key Solutions are pre configured targeted business solutions that combine hardware, software, infrastructure components, configuration, and installation into an existing computing environment.

About Turn-Key Solutions
Storage Networks Turn-key Solutions are scalable.
Turn-key solutions can be easily and cost effectively scaled to grow with your business. These solutions can also be scaled down by leveraging your existing components or by not activating features without compromising your solution.

Storage Networks Turn-key Solutions are flexible.
We recognize that one configuration does not fit all. For instance, your company may have a preference to use HP, IBM, NetApp or some other third party Storage Array. You may have a preference for HP Unix, IBM i System, Microsoft, VMware, or Linux running on Dell or HP servers. Whatever your preference, our Certified Systems Integration Engineers will ensure Support Matrix compliance.


Sample Turnkey Solutions by Storage Networks

These Sample Turnkey Solutions include Visio Network Diagrams, Product Data Sheets, and Cost information to help make informed decisions. Guest registration is required to download some content.


10Gb iSCSI Small Office


Easy to implement. Allows reuse of existing low cost CAT 5 cabling for many connections. CAT 6A and Optical cable included for optimal signal integrity and bandwidth.


Servers can reuse existing network cards to connect into the iSCSI network.


Strategically configured dedicated switch ports allow for demanding VoIP, Video Conferencing, Backup, and other High Bandwidth applications without degrading internet or e-mail performance.


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Local & Remote Thin Clients



Using Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, small businesses can take advantage of Microsoft’s Terminal Services and RemoteApp features that are included with the Standard OS license at no additional charge.


Employees that work at remote branch offices or from home require no appliaction installation on their PCs and experience no loss of performance or functionality of your key business applications.


Applications are hosted on core servers that are centrally managed and that can share your common resources.

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Fibre Channel to FCoE





This solution incorporates FCoE aware Ethernet switches into the access layer and converged network adapters with an FCoE initiator at a virtulized host layer.


FCoE allows a direct mapping of FC over Ethernet, it enables FC to run over Ethernet with minimal changes to drivers and tools.


This solution simplifies the network topology so that only a single pair of adapters and network cables are needed for HA connectivity to both Ethernet LANs and SANs.


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8Gb Fibre Channel SAN Refresh


Easy to implement. Allows reuse of existing 2Gb and 4Gb optical cabling to gain 8Gb and even 16Gb Fibre Channel performance.


Strategically allocate 8Gb and 16Gb ports where they make a difference. Re-use existing connectivity components for less intense throughput requirements.


Add optional features such as Data De duplication, Thin Provisioning, and Tiered storage to reduce backup times, optimize storage allocation and increase performance.

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SAN Backup & Recovery




Solution benefits of this approach include incremental, snap-assisted asynchronous updates coupled with industry standard buffering and error correction provided by the SCSI and TCP/IP protocols.


Replication traffic can traverse your existing Ethernet network, including VPNs.


Aggressive RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) for local or remote locations with superior data management and protection are achived while reducing overhead costs.

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Disaster Recovery w/Clustering





This solution satisfies a basic need to ensure that operstions can recover from an unplanned disruption.


Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) may extend from real time synchronization at fail-over to cost effective asyncronous solutions with RTO's of less than 4 hours.


Organizations can implement data protection as part of the storage provisioning process for all business and mission-critical applications to meet regulatory requirements.



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Data De-Duplication


This solution dramatically reduces the amount of disk storage needed to retain and protect data.


Redundant files and data are identified before being stored, requiring 10x-30x less capacity on average than the original dataset.


Backup data can then be efficiently replicated and retrieved over existing networks.


Qualified to ensure ease of integration to existing server and virtual environments.

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SAN Based Data Encryption




This SAN-based approach to data encryption can scale to meet performance requirements and supports heterogeneous and legacy storage environments.


Deployment is simple and nondisruptive since organizations can encrypt data from any switch port without reconfiguring the fabric.


Provides centralized management for encryption of data at rest and utilizes industry standard key management tools.


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Virtual Demonstration

Arrange for a free Storage Networks Virtual Demonstration via WebEx for your price and performance comparison of these and other custom solutions.


Take the next step. Contact a Project Coordinator to arrange for a free Virtual Demonstration and consultation tailored to your business needs.


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