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A Different Path to the Cloud The "Cloud" allows even the smallest companies to scale and protect their data like never before. However, cloud computing is typically associated with never-ending monthly payments. Industry analysts that suggest the cloud is a cheap alternative to traditional computing don't seem to realize that a $5,000 server will last 5+ years and provide much more compute capacity than a Amazon or Azure Compute instance costing $200 per month in perpetuity.


At Storage Networks, we want to combine the high availability benefits of cloud computing with predictable pricing of rolling your own hardware by offering FREE Colocation Services.



How It Works — A Storage Networks Project Coordinator will help design, qualify, and price server, storage, and backup / recovery solutions as in the past. Customers will chose to either lease or pay via NET terms for the required hardware / software. However, customers will now be given the option to take delivery of the equipment themselves, or have Storage Networks rack / install the hardware in a secure Storage Networks datacenter.


For as long as the equipment is under maintenance by the manufacture, we will host, maintain, and monitor the hardware and software. After the maintenance ends, you can either re-new the maintenance with the manufacture and continue hosting with us, draft a third-party maintenance contract with Storage Networks, or sell the equipment back to us so you can upgrade to the latest and greatest gear. Since you own the equipment, Storage Networks can unrack / de-insall the equipment at any time and ship it to you for relocation.

Free DELL Hosting   Free EMC Hosting   Cisco Hosting



Why It Works Storage Networks leases datacenter space all over the United States. We write our contracts such that our power and bandwidth costs are fixed. Therefore, our marginal cost of adding more servers or storage devices to our racks is minimal. We make our money based on customer loyalty and aggressive accessory discounting from our hardware / software Vendors (EMC, HP, DELL, Cisco, VMWare, etc.)



Veeam Hosting'




Remote Backup Target — Backing up to Cloud Storage like Amazon S3 is not enough as it is nearly impossible to spin up VMs from Hyper-V or VMWare in a reasonable amount of time. Storage Networks can manage a replication target server with large amounts of DAS as a low cost way for you to store and RUN VMs in a disaster. We support all popular backup applications including Veeam, Netwoker, VDP, and Unitrends.



EMC Hosting

Data Domain and Off-Site Storage Hosting — We can host a SAN or Backup Appliance (HP StoreVirtual, EMC Data Domain & VNX, Quantum DXi, etc.) for storage level replication. Don't pay $300 / month / TB for hosted SAN storage when we can host equipment you pay for once, or lease to eventually own, for FREE.








General Server Hosting — We can keep it simple. Maybe you have some IIS or Apache applications which easily cluster / load balance over multiple data centers without any special software. We can power, cool, and monitor a few DELL, HP, or SuperMicro servers that are utilized for disaster or maintenance window failover.

Our standard colocation services include monitoring and "Smart Hands" assistance for rebooting, rewiring, upgrading, etc. Storage Networks engineers also offer value added services to lighten maintenance and configuration workloads on your IT staff.


Free FreePBX Hosting

VOIP Hosting and Standby — Your business cannot survive without a phone system. If you are leveraging a VOIP infrastructure, let us host a hot-standby or warm-standby that can be used to failover your PBX in the event of an internet service failure at your office. Or, let us manage your phone system in the cloud with infinitely more flexibility than RingCentral or Grasshopper at a fraction of the cost.





Free Exchange Hosting and Management

Exchange Hosting — E-Mail in a perfect fit for cloud hosting if your on-premise internet connection reliability and bandwidth is not appropriate for a mail server. Switching to Office 365 or Google Apps may be too expensive for businesses with 50+ employees or these services may not meet your level of archiving, compliance, or customization. Storage Networks can host and manage your Exchange, Zimbra, or other mail server for you while providing you complete access and control of the server for ultimate flexibility.









Free Colocation Offer

Contact a Project Coordinator to learn more about our free colocation services and how we can integrate our cloud services with your on-premise datacenter.


Free Demo Lab Access



Free Demo Lab
Use our lab to evaluate deduplication and WAN optimization technologies to ensure you have the right bandwidth to migrate to colocated / cloud services.




Free Visio Diagrams and Design Help





Site Eval and Proposal Help

We can come on site to evaluate your current infrastructure and help map out a new hybrid cloud solution. Our team can help design Visios and PowerPoints for IT Admins to present to management and investors.



Free Quote and Budget Assistance





Budget Information
We understand that sometimes you just need ball-park estimates for potential projects down the road. We are more than happy to provide rough estimates on hardware, software, and services to help build your next quarterly or annual budget.


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Trusted Advisor

We aim to gain your respect as a Trusted Advisor and experienced Systems Integrator.


Give us a call to learn more on how we can assist in the spectrum from Solutions Architect to Next Day Components for your Information Technology projects.


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