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Access to Development & Test Lab Resources — Clients are able to schedule access to Storage Networks equipment and configurations for pre-production development and test activities. Local or remote access, 24 hours a day, allows for proof of concept, debugging, qualification, and training to ensure successful implemention in a production environment.


Consulting with Certified Systems Integration Engineers — Well accepted practices are recommended and discussed with experienced Systems Engineers via on-line SharePoint and WebEx sessions.


Procurement Tools — Allow for RFQ/RFP submittals, ROI Analysis, Access to Partners detailed Price Lists, Broker network services to query for best Price & Availability from over 3,000 suppliers for IT components, On-Line Ordering and Tracking, Overnight Spare Parts, Leasing options, Licensing Assistance, and Support Contract maintenance.


Custom Solutions — Dedicated secure repository for Custom Solution network drawings, documentation, patch releases, performance measurements, error logs, problem tracking, custom script sharing, and training material.


Call Center — Improve efficiency, increase storage and network up time, and track issues via 24x7 Support online Call Center.

Independent Software Vendor Alliances — Gain access to Certified Systems Integration Engineers to provide pre and post sales Application Engineering support. Integration is accomplished through the sharing of APIs, Patch Releases, Solution Centers, and Best Practices. Local and Virtual Demonstrations are hosted to facilitate Proof of Concept, Compatibility Testing, Integration Assistance, Troubleshooting, and Training.


Infrastructure Technology Partners — Proven industry leading hardware OEMs of IT infrastructures components who help drive discounted New and Customized products for Commercial SME and SMB clients can benefit from Storage Networks Partner Registration. "Sell with" or "Resell" Partners with automated order entry, merge in transit capability, and technical support can benefit from Partner Registration.


Service & Support Partners — Registered Local, Regional, and Global Service Partners are able to register training and ceritification credentials, participate in troubleshooting WebEx sessions, retrieve Call Center support logs, access patch releases, and monitor geographical business opportunies.


Channel Partners — Tier 1 Channel Partners catering to Solutions Architechs, Systems Integrators, and Value Added Resellers concentrated in the Commercial SME and SMB segments can benefit from Storage Networks collaborative resources and databases for seamless order fulfilment and technical support.

Access to "Learn More" Information — Guests are able to view select "Learn More" content and are able to request custom changes and unlocked Visio Network diagrams. Well accepted practices can be proposed and discussed on-line with experienced Systems Engineers via Interactive, Share Point, or Web Ex sessions.


Schedule Virtual Demonstrations & Briefing Center Visits — Guest are able to arrange for interactive Virtual Demonstrations or Local Demonstrations from an Authorized Partner.


Submit RFQ/RFP's On-line — Requests for Quotations and Proposals can be submitted by Guest on-line. Guests may also benefit from gaining access to over 3,000 suppliers of IT components to query for best Price & Availability without fear of inundating your mailbox with further solicitations.


Receive Site Assessments and Needs Consulting — Guest are able to request a FREE site assessment and consulting from Certified Network and Storage Systems Integration Engineers.


Request Turnkey and Custom Solution Details — Guests are able to request detailed Turnkey and Custom Solution documentation, proposals, availablility, and pricing.


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Client Registration

Please contact a Project Coordinator or your Account Representative to configure and activate your Client account.

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Partner Registration

ISV's, Service Providers, and Maintenance Providers looking to establish Application and Certified hardware support relationships, please contact Partner Relations.
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