Storage Networks is a HP Authorized Business Partner

Configure-To-Order and SAVE!

While HP Smart Buys and Preconfigured Servers offer excellent savings and availability, your solution may require a custom configuration. Here is how you can save...


1. Configure your server at and capture your shopping cart as a pdf or html file.


2. E-mail your HP cart file to


3. You will receive a HP Authorized discounted and validated configuration for order fulfillment from Storage Networks.




HP and Storage Networks provide a full line of server products.

Learn more at, then submit a RFQ to Storage Networks for your HP Business Partner Discount pricing.


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Make an Informed Decision

Storage Networks is a HP Authorized Business Partner


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Contact Storage Networks to assist in selecting and integrating the HP options and feature sets that:

- Minimizes the effort of integration and management
- Accomplishes your IT objectives quickly, with minimal risk
- Leverages your current resources & discount pricing to meet budget requirements

Contact a Project Coordinator today for the information you need to make an informed decision.