Storage Networks Partner Overview

Storage Networks teams with the best hardware, software, and support technology companies worldwide to provide IT organizations with the industries best storage technology solutions at discounted prices. Storage Networks defines three broad partner categories. Strategic Alliance Partners, Infrastructure Technology Partners, and Channel Partners.

Strategic Alliance Partners are our Storage and Network system providers that cater primarily to Enterprise and Global Accounts across all geographical theatres.  These partners provide business consulting, servers, storage hardware and software, outsourcing, and vertical expertise to our customers. Storage Networks works with Fortune 100 Strategic Alliance Partners to provide flexible, interoperable, and affordable storage and networking solutions.

Infrastructure Technology Partners are partners with which Storage Networks has deep technical product relationships. Integration is accomplished through the sharing of APIs, product roadmaps, development resources, solution centers, whitepapers, best practices, and so on.  By working with our Infrastructure Technology Partners in this way, Storage Networks is able to integrate proven industry standard storage and networking technologies into all types of IT infrastructures. Our Strategic Alliance Partners often qualify and support these same Infrastructure Technology Partner products.

Channel Partners are ‘sell-with’ partners or first tier distributors who help drive volume discount product pricing for Storage networks. Catering to all segments of the market, but concentrated mostly in the Commercial and SMB segments, these partners deliver solution components at discounted prices. Channel Partners include a range of Distributors such as Tech Data and SYNNEX, Server OEMs, and Service providers – some are local, some are regional, and some are global.


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Strategic Alliance Partners

Strategic alliances provide business consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, vertical expertise, and extended product life cycles.


Strategic Partners provide:

Competetive leverage amongst alliance partners to earn your business investment.


Exposure to industry proven solutions and best practices.


Extensive solution and support options.


Intrastructure Partners

Storage Networks teams with the best hardware, software, and support technology companies in the world to integrate products into solutions.


Technology Partners provide:

Industry Standard designed hardware and software that meets regulatory requirements.


World-wide customization and support.


Extensive compatability testing for seamless integration into supported environments.


Channel Partners

Channel partners include a range of Distributors, Server OEMs, and Service providers. Some are local, some are regional, and some are global. All are beneficial.


Channel Partners provide:

Discount pricing compared to OEM List and web-based pricing. No volume requirements.


Pre-configuration, staging, and turn key solutions.


Overnight delivery of spare parts, Advance Exchanges, and Trade-in allowances.